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Friday, 20 March 2015 15:23

Comedic functionality

A beautiful apartment in Valencia can captivate anyone. Especially one equipped with unique furniture such as a seat with an adjustable backrest or a dining table that folds in an unusual way. Your apartment could look just like this very soon. But how? BoConcept has prepared a contest for its loyal customers in which you can win up to ten thousand dollars to spend on stylish furniture and accessories as well as professional decorating services, which would transform your apartment into a luxurious residence.

You just have to answer a simple question on the company’s website - why should you be the one who will be the owner of the furniture from the advertisement?

The task is simple, but is it worth it? Let's look at the spot – a beautifully furnished apartment, where we can witness a scene which could be from a French comedy. Among all of this commotion, we can see charming and elegant BoConcept furniture - chairs in the living room, a dining room table and a beautiful bed in the bedroom. The decor is complemented by matching accessories.

The whole design perfectly matches the scene played out by Mads Mikkelsen himself and Dejan Cukic, showing in a rather unusual way the high-quality of BoConcept furniture.

Do not wait for someone else to get a chance to transform their apartment into a truly luxurious home. Take part in the competition and feel like a star.