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Sunday, 11 January 2015 00:00

Citation® Mustang® Jet

This single pilot aircraft combines the comfort of a large business jet with the freedom to roam of a light aircraft. The speed and range inspired performance of the Citation® Mustang® jet will tackle the sky like a jet, while delivering the efficiency of a lighter aircraft. The aerodynamic design and advanced technology of the Mustang make for exceptional short-field performance and the ability to cruise over the weather.


Citation Service employs the best jet service engineers in the industry and groups them into model-specific teams who are committed to owners any time of day, any day of the year. Team Mustang is dedicated exclusively to answering questions and solving problems for the Citation Mustang, both current and legacy. Our service engineers are expertly trained with up-to-the-minute intelligence on each jet.

The Mustang airframe is designed with engineering principles in mind, using multiple load paths, low stress levels, and small panel sizes in the primary structure.

The cozy cabin interior of the Mustang offers the finest finishes and highest-quality materials for the top-rate luxury expected of a business jet. The Mustang’s cabin quarters showcase six large oval windows providing spectacular views and abundant natural light.

The Citation Mustang interior offers the highest quality materials and first class comforts.

The cabin of the Mustang includes four club seats, two rear-facing sets and two additional forward-facing seats. Left and right stow-able, mono-leaf executive tables are featured in the side ledges between the seats.

Six elliptical windows flood the cabin with natural light. Each window is tinted and includes a pleated, manual window shade. There are two window plies, one tinted frost pane per window. The bagged insulation of the walls contributes to a quiet, comfortable cabin environment, even at high speeds.

Across from the main cabin door is a side-facing toilet with a removable curtain included for privacy.