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Thursday, 31 October 2019 18:17

Have you Ever Tried Car Customisation? You Should Definitely Try Car Wrapping!

Car wrapping Car wrapping

Car Customisation

Car Customisation allows you as the buyer to have a car altered to your own specifications.

This passenger vehicle could be made into a specific style as requested by the buyer by using paint work and accessories to make the car look unique.

Car Wrap

With using car wrap, this will allow the buyer to have freedom to change the vehicle's color, to advertise, or to add any artistic expression to the vehicle. This wrap serves as a way to change the appearance of a car without a paint job or other alterations that could be easily damaged. The wrap is created from a vinyl material, helping the lasting time of the wrap so it will not peel off easily.

Different Ways of Wrapping

With car wrapping,there are many ways where desired results can be achieved. A car could be wrapped as a whole or even partially. The wheels could be wrapped or the rims could be covered. Using a wrap allows the buyer to have all say so in what the car should look like to make their car stand out among other vehicles.

Easy Protection

Allowing the car to be wrapped allows an outside barrier to protect the paint on top of the car. If the buyer chooses to resale their vehicle, the wrap could simply be peeled off, showing a perfect paint job as the car had prior to the wrap being placed. This protects the car from scratches, weather conditions, and even oxidation.

Different Vinyls

There are different vinyls the buyer can choose for their personalized wrap. Materials include but are not limited to glosses, satins, chrome, or even mattes. This choice is a determining factor as to what the car will look like and the result of the price.

Process of Installation

The process of installation involves removing certain parts of the car, allowing the wrap to be tucked properly to avoid peeling. After installation, there removed car parts will be reattached as they were prior to wrapping.

A heat gun is used to attach the vinyl to the car's surface, while a squeegee is used to smooth out the car's surface, flattening any air bubbles or creasing that occurs. The amount of days the car wrapping will take depends on complexity, but this process takes no more than a week to complete.

Caring for the Wrap

The lasting length of the wrap depends on how much care is taken of the wrap. If the wrap is ran through car washes instead of being hand-washed, then the wrap will nice for only a short amount of time. Hand washing vinyl wraps will help extend the wrap's life, allowing it to look great throughout your car's life span.

Precautions Prior to Car Wrapping

If a wrap is placed to protect the car's paint job, prior to placing the wrap, make sure the paint job is pristine. Already chipped paint will worsen, as the wrap will peel off parts of the damaged paint job, accentuating the damage that was already there.

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