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Tuesday, 06 January 2015 00:00

Caring Beauty

Today more than ever before, Dior’s burning desire to make products that bestow beauty and happiness upon women is expressed in a new couture creation, coming in fourteen shades: utterly delicate and elegant, Rouge Dior Baume creates a radiant look for immaculate natural beauty with an irresistible modern twist.

With a composition 10 times richer in natural origin ingredients than a classic lipstick*, its balm formula contains a new oil: Crystal Oil. Lips are smoothed and protected, whilst its pure translucence reveals the splendour of all the colours. Its fine yet incredibly rich texture provides an ideal comfort and hold.
* Vs a Dior lipstick.

Fourteen shades inspired by Christian Dior’s passion for flowers and gardens, fourteen shades that enables every woman to embrace her own natural couture ... Lips smile as if they were blushing with a shiny wet-look effect like morning dew.

Four shades in particular are a tribute to the history of the House of Dior. Star-128, a transparent shade with an iridescent golden shimmer, inspired by Dior’s timeless muses and icons; Spring-468, a feminine and floral coral pink reminiscent of the freshness and spontaneity of an eternal ‘Miss Dior’; Lili-558, a raspberry shade, the lucky charm named after Christian Dior’s favourite flower; and finally Diorette-688, a vibrant fuchsia like a declaration of style, legacy of a Dior iconic dress…