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Tuesday, 08 October 2019 11:27

Brilliant Hacks to Improve Your Internet Experience

The 21st century has been the era of the digital revolution, and almost everything is done online. But there is nothing more annoying than having slow internet.

You cannot live to stream your favorite programs, enjoy your favorite NJ Sports Betting Apps or download music.

The Top Hacks to Help You Get a Better Experience Online

If you want to ease the burden of slow internet, then there are several brilliant hacks to improve your internet experience.

#1. Softblock social media.

Social media has become a great platform where people connect. However, there is always that one friend who likes posting too much even when it is irrelevant. The idea might be to block them or unfollow them, but you do not want to lose that friend. Luckily there is a better option known as soft blocking. This means that you can mute that person on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. You will no longer receive any notifications about their social media activity, but you will remain friends.

#2. Get rid of old emails.

How many email accounts do you have? Over the past couple of years, most of us have picked up a couple of emails along the way. If you have still not activated the forward button feature, then you are sure to get old mail. It would be a good idea to delete old email accounts. Email platforms such as Google and MSN have to delete options, but other considerations such as MySpace and Yahoo will require a long process. But the main objective is to remove old emails which are not vital to you.

#3. Enjoy private browsing.

Private browsing is the best way if you do not want people to track your online activity. Fortunately, most browsers, such as Opera Mini, Chrome, and Internet Explorer, offer private browsing. A site such as Chrome has the feature "New Incognito Window," which will not record your browsing history.

#4. Opt for Ethernet.

More and more people have switched to WiFi and routers. This means that the bandwidth which is used to connect wirelessly can get saturated. This is especially in public areas such as apartments, schools, and offices. All the traffic will slow down the internet. The best option to overcome this is by switching to an Ethernet cable which you can connect to your router. It has two advantages; it does not clog like other WiFi bandwidths, and it is relatively faster.

#5. Opt for 5GHz bands.

If you take a look at most WiFi routers, they have a bandwidth of 2.5 GHz. Unfortunately, due to traffic congestion, the internet speed can be interfered with in the process. Therefore most router companies have come up with 5Ghz routers. It can connect to 23 channels, unlike the 2.5GHz, which only relates to 11 channels. Also, it avoids any interference from electronic appliances such as the microwave. The 5Ghz router gets away from crowded bandwidths.

How much time do you spend online every day? Which of these methods didn’t you already know about? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear.