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Saturday, 21 November 2015 00:13

A wild weekend in Quebec

Late autumn and winter are a great time to go wild and have a bit of fun. Extreme winter sports are are increasingly popular – they’re spectacular and give a big dose of adrenaline. The upcoming weekend 27-28 November is a real treat for lovers of this type of entertainment.

Once again, the Red Bull Crashed Ice Contest will be held in Quebec. It is a truly crazy ride, during which the contenders collide and crash, and chaos reigns on the track. But the fun is great, especially in the stands. If you want to find out how it looks – check out the attached video. Believe us, it's just a foretaste of the excitement.

Red Bull is known for organising unusual events that combine outdoor fun with sports competitions. For several years, they have organised rides on just about anything, as well as car and monster truck competitions. Now Red Bull has added winter sports to this positive madness. Red Bull Crashed Ice Contest is a combination of fast downhill racing (participants race at breakneck speeds reaching up to 60 km per hour) and big-air jumps, uncontrolled collisions and an electric atmosphere in the stands.

On of the reasons that the race is such an attractive event is that it takes place on a specially constructed track in the city streets. You can watch the competing riders while enjoying the beautifully lit architecture of Quebec.