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Monday, 20 June 2022 07:09

Finding Psychiatry Jobs Around You: Tips For Successful Job Hunts

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Many fields in modern America are struggling to find workers with the right skills and experience for their particular listing. At the same time, workers are struggling to find a job that will even call them back.

These two issues are not mutually exclusive, but they are immensely harmful to patients who need care and can’t find anywhere that will provide it.

            If you find yourself needing work, and specifically work in the field of psychiatry, you may find some helpful tips here. Knowing your specific skills, how to sell them, and how to even find the places that need help are the most important possible attributes for anyone looking for work, but there are some specifics that you can use to give you the best possible chances.

Use Every Possible Website

            Medical careers in different cities often use different means of attracting potential employees. Some use exclusively Indeed, while others prefer to use a specialized portal that can be a real pain for anyone trying hard to broaden their search. Google is your best buddy in this case, and after a while, on Google maps or searching through jobs, you will probably find the biggest medical providers in your local area fairly quickly.

            If it’s applicable, place your most specialized skills at the top of your application, and pick out important words all throughout the career posting to maximize your chances. Should you be searching hard for a Family Medicine job, you should mention experience working with all types of people. Subtle things like that spread throughout an application can make you stand out.

Research the Job

This is a super important piece of advice for anyone wanting any work. If someone wanted to work for you, even if they were highly skilled, would you take them if they knew absolutely nothing about your workplace? Medical jobs often search for a few special skills that they are sorely lacking in their workplace. If you can draw blood (and are qualified for it), for instance, a whole plethora of jobs open up.

            If you can, it’s worth looking at the outside of the building. This may seem weird, but mentioning local events in that area or even complimenting the decor are great icebreakers. Though this can be tacky, mentioning things like this in an application where possible (and where it fits) can be great for your chances. Even med school interviews are looking for specific things, which you can find here: https://medicine.osu.edu/education/md/interview-tips. Often times what they are is a mystery to you going in, but it can’t hurt to use a physical base for your conversation.

Apply Everywhere

Common advice for any job hunt is to apply anywhere and everywhere. Start narrow and as you start receiving rejection letters (this will happen), move on to the next layer of abstraction. Career hunts are not fast things, often taking months or years to find a job that suits you. But, don’t give up, and even when you move on to the jobs that you are pretty overqualified for, stay informed on the layer below it. You never know which institutions may have had a position open up within the last hour. 

            A lot of the time, interview questions can be answered using a few simple protocols and the ability to speak well. If you don’t have that ability, it can be learned with time, so don’t panic if you end up completely bombing your first 5 interviews. After 10 more, you may regret the anxiety you went into those first interviews with, but one thing you won’t regret were the lessons you learned from your mistakes.

            You may also just be looking in the wrong place. Click here for some great boards for careers in the medical field. Most of the time, these websites prioritize desperately needed jobs, so you can narrow your search before even starting an application. There are a ton of players in the job search industry, so go for them all if possible.

Be Passionate

            Looking all around you and finding nothing can be extremely demoralizing. This is a common thing for anyone who has skills they want to use, and bills that need paying, but nowhere to turn. Don’t panic, and keep your cool going into every individual meeting. If you take it one step at a time, even the most daunting application may be the one that ends up nailing you the job.

            Psychiatry is a rapidly developing and incredibly rewarding field with a lot of potential to alleviate and treat mental illness. Don’t be competitive about helping people, but be kind and charismatic and you will end up with a job that is right for you. Even the slowest crawl towards a good life helping the sick is worth doing, since if you won’t, who will?