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Tuesday, 14 June 2022 15:19

Learn AI and Earn: How to Withdraw Money From Sypwai Platform?

Sypwai platform Sypwai platform

Sypwai platform gives a choice of methods to withdraw earned money for their members:


Quick payment method

If this option is chosen, you don't need to wait. You will get earned money almost immediately. The drawback of quick payment is a commission for withdrawal transaction, it is larger than other withdrawals.

eWallets method

eWallets are very popular too because of their swift withdrawals. The well-known eWallets that are maintained by Sypwai platform:

  • PayPal - biggest debit e-pay system, commission is over 4%.
  • Skrill - e-pay system, to get and send money only just email is needed, if a personal bill is using then the transactions are almost free.
  • WebMoney - electronic payment system with unique payment units, commission for transaction depends on internal rules not considering bank's commissions for withdrawal.
  • Neteller - electronic payment system, commission for transaction inside system - 1,45 %. Here is a useful option: you can choose who will pay a commission - the person accepting money or the one that is sending money.
  • EcoPayz - e-pay system, commission is 4% or over for a transaction.
  • Trustly - an open banking payment method. You can withdraw money from Trustly's online bank account, no need for an app or card.

Special item: you can withdraw currency from Sypwai platform by Paysafecard (based on PIN code, separate from bank account).

eWallets give an opportunity to receive pay-out on the day you create a request for withdrawal. Commission for withdrawal's transaction is a standard for all eWallets mentioned above.

Debit Cards method

Debit cards are worldwide spreaded and are the most popular withdrawal method. It is a reliable way (withdrawal goes through the bank), but not very fast. You may have to wait for a few days until the money arrives. Minimal time to wait - 3 hours.

Bank Wire method

It is a trusted method with a small commission (in a comparison with other methods of course). Huge disadvantage is that bank wires are slow. You may have to wait from 5 to 10 days until the money you earned arrives. That's why this option of pay-offs doesn't have great success amongst Sypwai platform users.

Cryptocurrency method

Modern option that gains popularity rapidly. It is just a set of benefits:

  • Withdrawal is swiftly processed;
  • Pay-off arrives within 24 hours (usually no more than 12 hours);
  • Very simple option: you need only a few clicks to make a withdrawal.

Most important: you don't have to pay any commissions in most cases.

Cheque method

This is the most uncommon method to get the money from your account in Sypwai platform because it is the slowest. You see: after make a request for a withdrawal, you have to wait the cheque by post at first, and then cash it or deposit it at your bank. The time spended on these steps varies from 5 to 28 days, so think twice to choose this way of withdrawals.

About Sypwai platform

It is a comparatively new company: Sypwai was established in 2019 located in London, United Kingdom.

The main direction is a decentralized learning of artificial intelligence as a part of machine learning.

For this aim, the platform needs volunteers who can perform simple tasks, for example CAPTCHA or logical queries. For specialists in big data, machine learning et cetera Sypwai offers tasks considering their skills.

Short history of the company establishment

The Neurosphere established Sypwai for the neural networks development and training in particular. In the near future the platform will be widespread and well-known because of its demand activity.

IT-specialists and ordinary people around the world who take part in the tasks help to develop the projects of Sypwai. For these activities they receive money rewards.

Plenty of complex and simple tasks are processed in the shortest time with the help of different people.

How to start participate in Sypwai platform projects

It is not complicated to understand the principles of Sypwai platform use. All you need is to follow this instruction:

  • Be sure you are an adult (it is the main criteria: only coming of age users are allowed to perform the tasks).
  • Have a device with appropriate technical features.
  • Download the official app.
  • Scan QR-code.

Then Sypwai's manager will contact the volunteer and give detailed instructions on how to work with artificial intelligence, neural networks and databases.

Make long story short: Sypwai platform provides the opportunity to earn extra money from any location for everyone.

Important details

Sypwai's data channel is fully encrypted to prevent data from error replacement, interception or being stolen.

No changes to the device code to guarantee a stable work with tasks on Sypwai platform.

SYPWAI platform technologies simplify the work for people from every corner of the world by providing detailed examples of training artificial intelligence and clear instructions. This gives people a chance to earn extra money (may be seen as a part-job).

SYPWAI platform are the firsttimers in neural network learning by such number of participants. The process is implemented by proceeding with different types of various complexity tasks.

There are two algorithms to work with: general and a special one. General algorithm is available to every adult user, regardless of social status, gender or education.

A special algorithm requires participants to have skills in a specific sphere, such as programming, economics, history, biology etcetera. All the answers are collected and the right answer is chosen on the most frequent answer base. Then participants receive money rewards for this work.

The SYPWAI platform guarantees complete anonymity to its users if they do not want their achievements to be known. At the same time, the platform’s participants will have to undergo identification procedures.

To sum it up, SIPWAY platform is an open project for everyone to earn extra money and take part in forming the future by training artificial intelligence.