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Monday, 20 June 2022 11:34

Crossthelimits - dietary supplements for physically active people

Crossthelimits Crossthelimits pixabay

Crossthelimits is a store which offers a range of dietary supplements adapted for the nutrition of the most active athletes. During physical activity it's worth supporting your body - thanks to that both the training and the regeneration after training will take place even more intensively!


Pre-training preparations for athletes

So-called pre-training supplements are a very interesting range of supplements which can make training more enjoyable and effective. Every athlete, even the most devoted one, sometimes has days when it is very difficult to mobilize him/herself for a workout. A pre-trainer contains substances stimulating both the body and the mind, thanks to which both the body and the psyche are better adjusted to physical activity. The presence of pre-training products improves the quality of each workout, making it easier to progress.

Pre-workout preparations usually contain substances such as caffeine, taurine or guarana. They can stimulate action giving you a feeling of freshness and lightness. However, apart from stimulating substances, pre-trainers also contain substances which have a positive effect on muscle growth, development and protection. These include arginine, which improves blood supply to muscles by increasing nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels. Arginine is also classified as an amino acid, so muscles immediately get a substrate from which they can regenerate quickly. Another example can be creatine, which improves energy production and hydration of muscles providing them with the optimal environment for growth.

Because moderation counts!

You always have to remember that when using pre-training preparations you should keep track of the amount of substances you consume and not exceed the maximum daily dose. For example, caffeine can be found in the form of tablets, coffee or pre-workout shots. Using all these aids it is very easy to overdose on the allowed daily amount of caffeine - so be careful.