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Monday, 25 July 2016 00:00

Lucy in the sky with diamonds

LionSorbet who are world leaders in jewellery animation and photography have developed an exciting new range of animated products for 2014. Over the last 5 years LionSorbet have worked with jewellery retailers all over the world to enhance their product range and making them more desirable online and in-store.


We Specialise in jewellery marketing and work with retailers, designers and manufacturers to build strong brands, showcase their products to a wider audience and ultimately increase sales. Stephen Irvine – Director of LionSorbet

LionSorbet have offered up the exquisite and popular studio white jewellery animation. This is the most popular item they offer. As you work your way through the video’s, you will be able to see the changes each design has to offer a particular style of jewellery product.

Studio White Animation

Our classic, most popular animation style showcasing the pure beauty and elegance of each design. Updated to include an even more realistic studio feel to a retailers diamond rings.

New for 2014

Studio Black Jewellery Animation

For those that dare. A dark contrast to the white studio offering a more luxurious product showcase. Each curve and highlight captured in beautiful darkness.

Macro White Jewellery Animation

The Macro collection was developed with the aim of creating a real world photo-realistic look. Visualised in full HD with an almost ethereal beauty. The macro range has been developed to showcase the subtle nuances associated with each product, and to enhance the realism with a lighting style that is both soft and effortless.

Macro Black Jewellery Animation Sample

Leading on from the Macro White above this vivacious dark studio draws you in, leaving a lasting impression. For those that have style.

Each one of these animations can be embedded into a website using HTML 5 coding methods. This will enhance product selling as customers will have a clearer idea of what they are buying.

Would you like more information on this service? Please visit LionSorbet.