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Monday, 23 January 2023 10:35

Prices of spinel gemstones

spinel gemstone price spinel gemstone price pixabay

Nowadays, red spinel is the most rapidly increasing in price colored stone. If a mineral is authentic it won`t be cheap; a low price should make you cautious.

It is hard to tell the spinel gemstone value approximately, as it depends on the clarity, hue, size, and many other factors. The most valuable is the spinel of ruby color without a yellowish tint. Its color is due to the presence of chrome. Red spinel gemstone price can reach up to 1000$. Red spinel is also considered a noble stone of the first order. A couple of hundred years ago this stone was considered a ruby until it was identified in the 18th century using a microscope. Besides ruby spinel is often confused with sapphires, amethysts, and grenades. Today the value of spinel steadily continues to rise in price, so it is a good investment.

 As for the price of the jewelry made with this mineral, here are the costs:

Here the price of other materials and the work of the master are added to the price of the spinel:

  • Blue spinel golden earrings containing pearls will be around 70  euros;
  • A golden ring containing black spinel costs about 90 euros;
  • The necklace with corundum and spinel of pink color costs about 150  euros.
  • The golden brooch with Mahenge spinel is 450 euros.

The important thing to remember is that not all spinel has a value. Many stones are just rocks and have no value at all. For instance, black or brown spinel stones are usual spinel, so jewelers do not use this stone in their work.

Spinel, although common, is a very beautiful stone, and its price is very variable. So on the Yavorskyy website you can find various types of spinel and choose the most suitable stone for yourself.