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Thursday, 28 March 2019 09:38

Mannequins - how to perfectly present clothes

Whether a person passing by a store's display window decides to enter or not is largely dependent on how its merchandise is displayed. That is why it is so important to choose the right mannequins for the presentation of clothes, jewellery or accessories, so that they match the type of shop and the nature of the products. It is vital to carefully plan what type of mannequin will be best for your shop - a classic model, or perhaps a more contemporary one.

Modern designs, simplicity and elegance

A dozen or so years ago, mannequins were associated with rigid figures in unnatural poses, and store employees found it difficult to dress them appropriately and show selected items of collections in an attractive way. The mannequins that are currently offered by manufacturers are made from modern materials that make them light and easy to carry, and also to dress. Some mannequins are already fixed in specific positions, but it is also possible to order ones that can be set in a number of various poses, depending on your needs.

Contemporary mannequins have interesting and minimalist forms, making them ideal for displaying elegant clothes in exclusive boutiques as well as clothing presented in chain stores. Another interesting solution are mannequins produced to meet the needs of specific segments of the clothing market. These include pregnancy mannequins, baby mannequins, size plus mannequins, and also those for the presentation of sportswear.

Accessories are also important

More and more stores are also focusing on presenting accessories. Partial mannequins, such as heads or hands, are not only used by jewellery and leather goods salons. They are also increasingly appearing in clothing stores.

If you have special requirements as to the dimensions or position of the mannequin, it is worth contacting a company that produces customised models. Such mannequins will be designed to perfectly match your collections and will increase interest among customers.