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Monday, 30 October 2017 17:48

Mannequin heads for sale

Every clothing store pays special attention to how its window display is presented. It attracts the attention of potential customers and is the first element of the brand which they come into contact with. The store’s mannequins and the way they are dressed are a significant factor which influences how the brand is perceived.

Shopkeepers no longer buy simple mannequins like the ones that were used by everyone in the past. It is more common now to order special mannequins which are not only characteristic, but above all match the brand’s image and its product range.

Good shops with mannequins

At present, clothing store owners can order mannequins from manufacturers specialising in such products. Their produce classic female, male and child mannequins, as well as customised models that are ideal for sports shops, and stores with plus size, vintage, and maternity clothing. These come not only in white, but also black, brown, beige, or neon. Some of them are also made from non-standard materials such as wood or modern flexible materials allowing to adjust the mannequin's position.

If not the whole figure, then what?

Stores purchase not only whole mannequins, but also busts, torsos, heads, and hands. They are ordered mainly by retailers selling headgear, leather goods, underwear, or jewellery. These models are available not only in women's but also in men's and children's versions. As with all mannequins, you can order them in various colour, material, and model variants.

If you are looking for a mannequin head for sale, then look for modern shops which offer products that stand out compared to their competitors. This is very important because mannequins are one of the elements of the display that attract customers and convince them to enter the store.