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Monday, 26 October 2020 12:05

Furniture gas strut – an alternative for traditional cabinet door

Furniture Gas Struts - Furnica Furniture Gas Struts - Furnica

If you are looking for modern solutions to arrange your space, you've come to the right place! The gas strut consists an innovative alternative to traditional locker opening mechanisms in your home.


Cabinets that open in a standard manner often cause noise, hinges break down quickly, and when you want to open several cabinet doors at the same time - they bump against each other, causing the door surface to quickly deteriorate. You know it all too well, don't you?

Furniture gas strut solves all of these problems. Due to the fact that cabinet doors open upwards, you are able to keep your furniture in perfect condition for many years. Installing the gas strut in the cabinet will allow you to open it without the need to use excessive force, which will greatly facilitate its use. This solution will positively affect the functionality of the room where the struts will be installed. If you want to slightly change your interiors, there is no need to introduce invasive and time-consuming changes. It is enough to use the potential of the gas struts, which will allow you to modify your furniture easily and quickly.

How it works?

By using gas, struts allow you to effortlessly open cabinet doors in any room in your home. To ensure the best performance and comfort of use, the appropriate power of gas strut should be selected. The Furnica offer includes a wide selection of gas struts of various force - from 30N up to 200N, which will allow you to choose the right force of a gas strut in relation to the weight of the cabinet door. Furniture Gas Struts - Furnica

Design your space with Furnica

The combination of high quality and modern solutions will allow you to quickly and effectively renew the interior of your home. The use of gas struts in your kitchen, bathroom or dressing room will ensure safe and comfortable use of your furniture. Thanks to Furnica, you can raise the comfort of using your space to a higher level.