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Monday, 21 December 2020 15:21

Work resume

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Work resume is the first impression of you. A well-written and executed resume demonstrates your professional competence and self-confidence. 


When a competition is announced for any position, the employer receives many resumes, the best of them are selected. 

Even if you are an exclusive specialist in a particular area but could not reflect this in the work experience resume or have issued it in a hurry, the chances of getting an invitation for an interview are minimal.

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The primary purpose of a resume is to make the employer want to meet with you. At the heart of any good resume should be a demonstration of your own successes and achievements.

  • Personal information. Your resume must contain the last name, first name, contact information. Don't forget to include your email address.
  • Career objective. The company may have several vacancies, so it is better to indicate which position you are applying for.
  • Education. Indicate the years of studies, the full name of the educational institution, and the specialty received. If you have no work experience, it is better to describe your studies' course and results and indicate the internship places. In the education section (in addition to the main one), show only those courses and pieces of training that meet the intended goal.
  • Experience. It is best to imagine the sequence of transitions from one position to another (or from one company to another) in reverse order (start with the latter). Don't list too many jobs. Focus the employer's attention on the experience that suits your current goal. Do not forget to describe your professional achievements, if any.
  • What to do when the experience is low? Describe ALL your experience! If you do not have enough work experience in your specialty, you must include all work experience in your resume:
  1. industrial practice in senior courses
  2. summer work
  3. assistance to teachers at the university
  4. private entrepreneurial activity
  5. temporary work in projects
  6. unpaid work
  • You must show that you know how to work and achieve results. Highlight the experience that is relevant to the job you are looking for.
  • Additional information. Talk only about what may be useful for fulfilling the relevant job duties: personal qualities, computer programs, business connections, knowledge of foreign languages, driver's license, having a car, willingness to travel and work irregularly.
  • Include any positive information on your resume work experience. Indicate awards and certificates for academic achievement. You can add items such as:
  1. grants, competitions
  2. appointments, elective offices
  3. GPA
  4. skills in working with PC programs
  • Personal qualities. When describing your personal qualities, write about those that are adequate for the desired position.
  • Optional: address, place of birth, marital status.

Basic requirements for resume writing style

Brevity, concreteness, activity. 

Try to put all the information on one page (A4), but do not overload it. Note that a two-page resume looks better than a one-page summary. If your resume is still two pages long, number them and duplicate the other sheets' contact information. The resume should be written in a legible, straight type.

Resume is a chance to show your best side

The termine "peziume" comes from the French phrase, which sounds like the course of life. Sometimes the Latin curriculum vitae or CV is used, which also means camoe. In the Soviet era, the term "autobiography" was more commonly used. The term "autobiography" refers to a document that reflects the education, work experience, and skills of a person applying for a certain position. It should include any information that relates to the position of interest, as well as contact information for the applicant. Today, these techniques are used for different life descriptions, which should be taken into account when selecting a ready-made sample for the preparation of a job. Writing an autobiography is required when applying for a job in government agencies. CV is written by coiccats for high positions in scientific or medical institutions, it is characterized by a wide and detailed description of life, contains a list of publications, scientific papers, personal achievements. The rest of the cases presuppose writing a review with a list of information for a specific position.