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Friday, 09 December 2022 13:30

Bottles with pumps - revolution or unnecessary whim?

bottles with pump bottles with pump pixabay

The cosmetic packaging industry has been overgrowing for many years. Manufacturers are outdoing each other in inventing new, more and more convenient methods of storing cosmetics and pharmacy products.

No wonder that a lot of interesting and innovative packaging with many different caps appears on the market. Among both customers and manufacturers, the most popular ones are bottles with pumps. They are considered an extremely convenient option when it comes to using many different cosmetics - both liquid and more solid. Do they deserve their acclaim? Lets find out.

Is it really that convenient?

Bottles with pump are so beloved mostly due to that they are extremely convenient during showering or morning self-care. Theres no need to lift the whole bottle and squeeze them to bring the formula out. You just need to press the pump and thats it - cosmetic will dose itself straight into your hand. No effort, no squeezing, no lifting. It might sound like a trifle, but it really can shorten the time you spend in the bathroom in the morning or evening. They also allow using the cosmetic to the last single drop thanks to the long, flexible tube inside. Furthermore, they may be designed for many various functionalities. Namely, pumps can dose an ordinary formula or change it into light, caring foam, especially popular with sensitive skin owners.

Bottles with pumps love travelling

You might wonder if they are safe to keep them in a cosmetic bag. Almost every bottle with pump is equipped with a security system that prevents unwanted opening or spillage of the cosmetic. You can secure the pump by rotating it. Sometimes it is needed to press it first. Thanks to that, nothing will spill out, even if they would be stored lying or upside down.

Do bottles with pumps have cons, though?

Not very many, to be honest, but if you dont care about them properly, they might get clogged. It happens mostly when they contain some solid, dense formulas. Sometimes they dry up inside the top of the pump. To prevent it, it is salient to clean up the pump after using cosmetics. Just wipe it with a cotton swab and the problem is solved.

Do you need cosmetics with pumps?

To sum up, it doesnt matter, if you are a customer or manufacturer. Pump bottles can literally change your life, facilitating daily care or increasing the sale of cosmetics. Pumps might be used with glass or plastic bottles in various sizes. They may also come with many different closures system and caps. And eventually, they are designed for all types of cosmetics - creams, liquids, or even foams.