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Tuesday, 02 August 2016 17:49

Let's relax!

The "Let's relax" video by IKEA shows how our lives today are full of the desire to show off, pursuing perfection that is defined by blogs, celebrities, and the most popular interior design magazines.

Nobody can imagine posting a photo on social media of their "imperfect kitchen". We continually raise the bar higher and higher for ourselves. Even if we have the perfect kitchen, we are not always able to relax in it, rest, slow down and not worry about what others might say.

The film "Let's relax" starts the discussion about how stressful our lives can be, which is the result of what we demand from ourselves.

The perfect kitchen was created in the first place to feel better and more comfortable in it, for life to become easier, light and joyful. To be able to cook in a space that is tailored to our needs, enjoying the creation of new flavours, savouring smells and sharing our dishes with the people we love. How can we return to a comfortable, stress-free life, while maintaining a beautiful and perfect interior? It is very simple. Just consider what elements you should add to your kitchen. Accessories or additions that can simplify your daily life and at the same time look well in your interior.

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