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Thursday, 29 June 2023 08:53

How to Sell a Property Properly and Profitably

Hire a professional photographer Hire a professional photographer pixabay

There is so much financial potential in real estate. Whether you own a home, rent one out, or have a commercial property, you have a piggy bank that pays out huge dividends when you decide to cash in. You can use the funds you generate from property to make leaps up the real estate ladder and begin to live in or own and lease larger buildings for even larger yields. Tick these three boxes before you put your property on the market to maximize your return.


Photo Shoot Ready

Pictures speak a thousand words. You can have finely crafted prose to describe your home or commercial building and use a vivid and verbose vocabulary to list all its wonderful features, but if the pictures do not match the promise of the print, you will not get interest from buyers. Pictures sell the idea of buying a property, not the words.

Hire a professional photographer to photograph your property. This simple and small investment can have a huge effect on interest levels and can even generate a quick sale or a bidding war. A few hundred bucks can turn into thousands.

Sprucing Up the Place

Big investments yield the biggest returns, so if you want to make the most of your property sale you will need to develop the structure, adding space for extra bedrooms or retail. Smaller improvement investments can still yield big returns, especially if you factor in desirability and boost the impression your images present online and in real estate brochures.

Give your property a little bit of facework, filling in cracks and fixing broken sidings. Consider repainting for a fresh look on its first impressions. For both residential and commercial real estate, driveways and parking are important selling points. New asphalt can add a lot to a property’s appeal, and its value. Check out https://mcconnellassociates.org/asphalt/ for more information about asphalt paving service and maintenance. This simple step can help sell your property to buyers and cover its cost in added real estate value.

Going Green for More Green

Energy efficient features are a big draw for properties in the modern market, in both residential and commercial real estate. The cost of utilities is a constant concern for homeowners. For businesses, it is a big red figure on the balance sheet. Investing in green tech that helps you and the next owner save money every month makes a property much more attractive and incentivizes sales.

HVAC systems can make a sensible investment, especially for retail spaces in the commercial sector. Using the latest energy-efficient heating and cooling systems can have a huge, all-year-round effect on power and gas bills. Adding features like solar panels and battery systems requires a more significant financial commitment, but it can yield positive returns on the other end.

The more you invest in these ideas, the more you will get back in your sale price. You can speed up the process too. Cover these three bases, and your real estate will be a home run.