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Wednesday, 10 February 2021 16:47

How to choose educational puzzles for two-year-olds?

Large puzzles - BananaPanda Large puzzles - BananaPanda

Stacking puzzles is a great pastime that stimulates children's development. Educational puzzles also appear among noteworthy sets. Such products can be adapted to the needs of children of different ages. How to choose items from this category that will be suitable for the youngest?


First puzzles for a toddler

The first puzzles can be offered to children at the age of 18 months. The sets suitable for them may also appeal to two-year-olds. Toddlers at this stage develop at different pace. Many sets of puzzles are dedicated to children aged 18 - 36 months. If the proposed set does not attract the child's attention yet, it is worth trying it after some time. For the first jigsaw puzzle a wooden picture with gaps to which elements of appropriate shapes should be fitted will be perfect. Such puzzles often depict animals living in different environments. They can be creatures living on a farm, in the forest or in the ocean. It is also a good idea to have a set in which you assemble a figure of one animal from several parts of its body. Individual elements of the puzzles are usually equipped with handles adjusted to children's hands. Such fun has a positive influence on the development of manual skills, which are extremely important at this age.

Unique proposals

When looking for puzzles particularly attractive for children, it is worth to pay attention to sensory puzzles. Sets for toddlers aged from two to four years usually consist of a dozen or so large elements (see Large puzzles - BananaPanda). Individual pieces have additional layers of materials of different textures. Nice fabrics imitating animal fur and rough materials as various elements of the environment will surely make the play more interesting. Empirical sensations will allow toddlers to learn about the world on several levels. Interesting structures will influence the development of the sense of touch.

An original solution may be the choice of a set with an educational theme. Parents can find, among other things, sequential puzzles. Colourful pictures show consecutive stages of animal or plant growth. For example, they show a simplified development of a hen from an egg to an adult. These are extremely interesting propositions that will allow children to quickly learn important information.

The advantages of jigsaw puzzles

Educational puzzles are a great gift for children of different ages. They will positively influence the development of logical thinking and concentration skills. A properly selected set will surely be an attractive toy for a toddler.