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Monday, 31 May 2021 13:42

Video games as a way of self-expression

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Video games are one of the most popular ways of entertainment. Many scientists and psychologists have long proved the positive effect of games on people and society.

And although some people still perceive them as a silly and unnecessary waste of time, video games can not only develop abilities but even help identify hidden talents and self-expression. 

Game Characters and Hidden Talents

The average age of someone who is into video games is 35.  This is a proven Parimatch International statistic that suggests that people are interested in games at both 20 and 60 years old. But how does that affect ability? 

Sure, games have a positive effect on reactions, develop logical thinking, and help you learn to focus quickly on the task at hand. But it can hardly be called a talent. Rather, it's just a useful skill that may come in handy in the future. So why do many scientists say that games are a way to discover hidden talents? 

When a person is involved in a game, he acts on a subconscious level. At this moment all the complexes, rules, and attitudes imposed by society are forgotten. In this state, a person shows his real self, which can be hidden in real life. Thanks to this, it is possible to discover many abilities and talents not noticed before. 

In addition, of great importance are the characters a person chooses in the game. This is due to the fact that, consciously or not, the player chooses the game character with whom he associates himself. 

Some players already know their options. Gamers who often play one scenario know how to recognize and implement skills in real life as well. But there are also those people who don't think about this unique opportunity and use games simply as a way of entertainment. That is why many psychologists develop entire systems that help identify talents and implement them in real life.

How games can be the reason for a successful career and a happy life

As stated earlier, there are entire systems for determining a person's talents with the help of video games. More often than not, such experiments consist of just two steps:

  1. Involvement. 

Specialists observe a person who plays any game he likes. In fact, the choice of the game alone can already tell a lot about a person. Psychologists look at everything - the choice of character, reaction to difficult situations, actions in relation to other players. All of these indicators help create a list of a player's skills and talents.

2. Implementation. 

Proper identification of real talents and interests is the key to a further happy life. In this way, a person expresses his true desires, even those that he may not have guessed himself. In the future it helps to express oneself, to build a career, and to get maximum pleasure from life. 

Of course, there are many similar tests that reveal personality type, abilities, and aptitudes for a certain type of activity. Such tests can be taken even online, without the presence of experts. But how correct will the results of these tests be?

The main difference between such ways of identifying talents is that a person can fully control his answers. Most people answer consciously, not subconsciously, so the final result can be erroneous. Again, complexes or accepted norms can get in the way of an accurate answer.

Video games, on the other hand, are so much involved in a person that he does not think about any norms or rules. Being fascinated by the gameplay, a person involuntarily projects himself on the game character, not controlling many of his actions. This is what allows psychologists to see a person's true nature, talents, and hidden abilities.