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Friday, 29 January 2016 18:09

Is happiness at your fingertips?

Almost everyone asks themselves this question. What’s the answer? Happiness is close to us, but not everyone sees it or does not have enough willpower to fight for it. And yet everything is in our hands. Maxence Parrot, a young snowboarder, understands this very well. Even as a child, his dream was to do winter sports.

To this day, every time he’s on the slopes, he gets a lot of pleasure and a shot of adrenaline, which is so needed to fight for your dreams and develop further.

Maxence works very hard every day – tedious, long hours of training, both on the slopes and in the gym, allow him to master every trick that he performs during events. There are so many of these tricks, and mastering each of them to perfection takes many months. But his stubbornness allows him to achieve what he wants. He improves from competition to competition. The next challenge before him are the Olympics in 2018.

If you want to see Maxence amazing jumps, you can watch the video below. You will also see how great Maxence’s passion for the sport is and the satisfaction that he gets from it.