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Monday, 25 January 2016 11:47

Fascinating dream holiday cottages in Suffolk

Have you ever noticed how the nature of your dreams changes depending on where you sleep, as if there is a subconscious process by which our resting and impressionable minds absorb the vibes around us to create new thoughts and fanciful illusions?

Spending time in a historic county such as Suffolk, which is steeped in history, causes the imagination to go into overdrive. Some of the very best Suffolk holiday cottages are centuries old period buildings that exude a wealth of times past and lives lived. The rich Suffolk merchants of the wool trade in the 13th century spent their money on a lavish lifestyle which included the building of magnificent homes. They also heavily contributed to the erection of impressive churches to ingratiate themselves with the Almighty and to promote their status within the parish. Suffolk can boast of over one thousand such churches, such was the amount of wealth invested in the afterlife. Each of these churches is a living history book in its memorial plaques, famous deceased and dedications.

Several Suffolk villages grew to prominence during the wool trade years and many of the period mansion houses and cottages have been cherished to this day; some have been converted to holiday accommodations and welcome guests from all parts of the globe.

Medieval Lavenham remains an inspirational Suffolk former wool village. It has an impressive guildhall and a huge number of medieval houses leaning against each other in support along the high street. One feels transported back a few centuries simply by walking through its streets of ancient houses.

To rent a half-timbered cottage for a holiday in Lavenham is to live the dream of people long ago, people who took great pains and delight in creating their ideal home. Naturally, the original buildings are preserved and fitted with modern conveniences and appliances that allow for a high degree of comfort. The atmosphere and vibes laid down through the ages are included gratis.

Holidaymakers who appreciate antiques and the finer aspects of life would find a stay in such a historical building enchanting. Admire the exposed timbers, the timber-framed windows, inglenooks and flagged floors. It is possible to find oneself bewitched by such a beautiful cottage.

Any holidaymaker could not help but wonder about the person who instructed and paid for this period creation. The house may even come with a short history that encourages thought and a deeper engagement. With a little imagination, our minds can work their magic and you could find yourself dreaming the dreams of people who lived and worked in Suffolk many centuries ago.