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Thursday, 17 March 2022 16:16

What functions can proxy servers perform?

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When talking about the Internet, it's worth spending a few moments on proxy servers. For a long time, they were seen only as a solution for people doing illegal things online, as well as for teenagers who wanted to hide the use of illegal sites from their parents.

Today it is already known that this solution strongly influences the level of security of using the Internet. By masking your computer's IP number, we protect ourselves from being hijacked by cybercriminals. In the era of more and more frequent computer fraud, it is of great importance. What are the functions of proxy servers?

What is Proxy Caching?

One of the functions of proxy servers is caching. What does it mean? The server temporarily stores this data, which is used very often. As a result, future access to them can be obtained really quickly and without unnecessary problems. Caching websites makes them load faster, which translates into the comfort of use. As a result, the delays are much lower. Interestingly, it turns out to be one of those proxy server features that few people really know about.

How can proxy servers be used in a company?

Many people are unaware that proxy servers can be used by companies to block employees from accessing specific websites. Then they play the role of a kind of filter that effectively prevents undesirable movement in the outgoing direction. If you choose a proxy server, then you can be sure that employees will not use websites unrelated to their duties during working hours. This will translate into greater efficiency.

Which proxy server to choose?

It is certainly better to give up proxy servers that are generally available. Local servers offered by https://www.localproxies.com are a much better solution. They provide much better quality and are also much more effective. In their case, anonymity is really at the highest level. If you decide to use such proxies, you should not be afraid that they will fail. You can be sure that they will work great.