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Saturday, 10 January 2015 00:00

The pinnacle of luxury and elegance Vertu for Bentley

The pinnacle of luxury and elegance. Bentley and Vertu share a passion for craftsmanship, performance and technology. Bentley is very proud to announce a 5-year partnership with the English luxury mobile phone maker, Vertu.

Committed to achieving the highest levels of design and quality, both brands are working together closely on product development. Vertu, like Bentley, is the contemporary embodiment of English craftsmanship.

Using the finest materials, brought together by a single craftsman, the first ‘Vertu for Bentley’ edition is now on sale. This striking model will incorporate authentic Bentley design elements, jointly designed by the Bentley and Vertu design teams. It will also offer access to Vertu’s exclusive suite of luxury lifestyle services, alongside unique Bentley experiences and the latest Bentley content for owners and enthusiasts.
Exclusive Bentley content will appeal to drivers, travelers and brand enthusiasts, through a partnership that delivers on both technology and service. The unique experience of luxury and performance inherent in every Bentley will now find further expression in the world’s most desirable mobile phone.
Limited to 2,000 pieces, the new ‘Vertu for Bentley’ smartphone is available in selected Vertu Boutiques. Visit the Vertu website to learn more about this exquisite new handset.


The ‘Vertu for Bentley’ smartphone is swathed in quilted calf leather, in the classic Bentley shade of Newmarket Tan, and stitched with a diamond pattern.

Titanium and Leather

The supple leather is encased in durable, yet lightweight, titanium, which features tactile diamond knurling. This detailing on the side rails is complemented by an engine-turned pattern on the handset’s titanium back plate, which opens to reveal the engraved signature of the craftsman who meticulously constructed the phone, from start to finish, at Vertu’s headquarters in Church Crookham, England.

Sleek Style

The traditional ceramic pillow, synonymous with established Vertu handsets such as the Signature and Signature Touch collections, has been subtly remodelled to feature a sleeker pillow trim, to reflect Bentley’s elegant and sophisticated style.
Each and every ‘Vertu for Bentley’ phone celebrates the new partnership by sporting a discrete, metal Bentley ‘B’ wings motif on the face of the handset. The complimentary slip case which accompanies every ‘Vertu for Bentley’ handset, also depicts the Bentley logo, embossed on the Newmarket Tan calfskin leather.

Erthu for Bentley Servives

The ‘Vertu for Bentley’ handset comes with the full spectrum of exclusive services which the luxury mobile phone manufacturer has become renowned for - comprising a dedicated Vertu Concierge service, curated events and experiences via Vertu Life, and security services from Vertu Certainty – alongside a unique ‘Vertu for Bentley’ app, which delivers exclusive Bentley content directly to the device.