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Wednesday, 10 June 2015 16:40

Safety and design

Welcome to Turing Robotic Industries (TRI) and to the future of communication. Our mission is to develop revolutionary trustworthy devices and networks that keep communications and data safe from cyber threats.

From the world’s first liquid-metal mobile phone to tomorrow’s groundbreaking robotics, TRI is redefining what it means to be secure. From materials to connectivity, our consumer-centric digital products integrate genuinely transformative hardware, software and platforms.

Based in San Francisco, California and Shenzhen, China, TRI has manufacturing and research partners around the world. The company is led by CEO and founder S.Y.L. Chao and inspired by the vision and genius of Charles Babbage and Alan Turing, the fathers of modern computer science and artificial intelligence.

At the heart of the trustworthy revolution is the concept of decentralized -authentication with static key exchange. TRI anonymous key distribution infrastructure provides unique identifiers and trustworthy connectivity, enabling an infinite number of TRI devices to authenticate one another without an intervening third party.
Provide your contact information below for updates on the launch of our flagship liquid-metal phone, the Turing Phone, this summer.