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Wednesday, 04 February 2015 16:34

Exlusive Smart Kinetic Desk

Don't Work Here. Create Here.Your Stir Kinetic Desk makes moving while working effortless and engaging. The extra energy you create can lead to your most creative work. Make your desk a place of inspiration.


Move Your Desk

Double tap the home screen to move the desk to the next position. Swipe to the right and use the slider to create your desk height presets. When you double tap, your desk moves between these settings.

2Create Goals
Swipe to the right and create goals for how much would you like to stand while at your desk.

3Get Reminders

Never forget to change positions with Whisperbreath – a gentle 1” rise and fall of the desk surface that signals when it’s time to move without breaking your work flow.

A Stir Kinetic Desk senses your presence and wakes up when you arrive. It tracks when you are sitting and standing and doesn’t count the time when you are away from your desk. You get information on how you’re doing against your goals, and the extra calories you burn while standing.

Your desk can detect who you are if you are wearing a Fitbit, and integration with more devices will be supported in the times ahead. Using Bluetooth, your desk logs you in, and uses your settings and data from the cloud. Your desk can also send activity logs to your Fitbit dashboard using Wi-Fi.

Your desk adapts and adjusts to you over time. As it learns about when you like to stand or sit – or how long you like to stand – your desk will suggest times to move that best fit your style.