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Tuesday, 01 August 2017 11:42

Armoured cars - not just on the battlefield

When most people think of armoured cars, they imagine war machines that are designed to defend military columns moving into enemy territory or to take part in combat. Cars equipped with turrets, armour-plated glass and secured in all possible ways. However, as it turns out, armoured cars are increasingly often produced for commercial and everyday use. Here are some facts worth knowing about these vehicles.

A short history of armoured vehicles

The first armoured cars started appearing on the market during the boom associated with the development of automotive engineering before World War II. These vehicles were mainly designed to protect people in the field. The first such constructions appeared in the first decade of the twentieth century. Later models included improved features allowing for better movement in the field. Over the years, more advanced equipment was added to particular models. Armoured cars also gained four-wheel drive capabilities, which greatly increased the possibility of using them in unfavourable conditions.

World War II brought even more solutions increasing the range of use of armoured vehicles. However, they were mostly used as reconnaissance and combat-support vehicles.

Modern armoured cars

Armoured cars are also used today. Of course, they are still needed in warfare and in areas threatened by armed conflicts. However, they are also used in other situations, for example, as bank convoys and to transport important individuals.
As it turns out, private consumers are increasingly eager to buy these types of cars to increase not only their safety, but also their comfort of driving, especially in areas where ordinary cars are not sufficient. You can find out more about modern and attractive armoured cars with impressive properties at https://www.evernote.com/shard/s649/sh/0b0ab46a-fa80-4852-936e-3bf07d50d530/2337e7b9e990b617f95b748b24fbded7 .