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Monday, 13 July 2020 14:15

Work space trends – where it’s going & how to manage it

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In our recent mid-year high level update, some observations & trends from the Roomzilla team were shared.  There is no doubt that – based off of the actual data and correspondence with our customers – the workplace has changed.  Incorporating social distancing rules as well as general hygiene is now paramount to not only achieving the right conditions to work but also ensuring such a space remains compliant and open for business


Highlighting some points shared recently, the need for hot desk support, contactless office management and checklists to ensure that requirements are met before entering a room with others stick out from the rest; however, that is not to say that these are the only features – either old or new - that we’ve found to be in demand. 

Over the years that Roomzilla has been around, we’ve worked very closely with our clients to actually tailor a business product built for real world needs.  For most of this period, we’ve had to make tweaks here and there to ensure that our platform was able to support our customers’ needs; however, we can say that over the past 1.5 years (and especially the recent months), the changes to the platform have been seismic in comparison to the years prior. 

All of the above just reminds us that there is more going on in the evolution of how & where we work than is actually appreciated.  Take remote working for example.  It was on the rise already pre-pandemic.  Just that alone already demonstrated an attitude change.  Now, during and post pandemic, it has become to various degrees a way of life and a necessity. 

Such scenarios only emphasize how dynamic an industry Roomzilla is in and how we’ve not only had to adapt, but also have successfully done so.  Finally, it also demonstrates how necessary a room, desk, and general space reservation & management tool like ours is starting to become, especially in terms of unlocking well managed compliant spaces.  While it may just look like a booking calendar at first glance, taking a deeper look under the hood reveals years of development, trend research, and industry know how.  We’d also even go as far as saying that - like the numerous tools that were critical for remote working - ours is critical for physical gathering space and the people that interact within them and now only compliments the hybrid remote / space relationship.

It’s no wonder that we’ve also observed another interesting trend: we are no longer just conference room booking.  Our clients come from a wide variety of industries and this variety is not only welcomed by us but also reinforces the point that our platform is a both here to stay and a must have.