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Tuesday, 10 May 2022 10:41

Work booth – a portable acoustic office pod for "heads-down" work

work booth work booth

Shared offices are distractive, noisy, and lack of privacy. The recommended noise level for work spaces is around 50 dB, but in an open space it often exceeds 70 dB. Employees working in such an environment are less productive and get easily distracted.

The solution to this problem is a work booth, a perfect space for deep and focused work. The work booth is usually used for long video conferences and telephone calls with partners abroad. It provides great acoustic properties, privacy and safety.

Typical equipment of a work booth

Quick-to-install office pods are a popular and cost-effective solution, improving the comfort of work, and a brand new approach to individual work. A self-contained unit is equipped with ventilation fans, electricity outlets, acoustic walls, a double glass door, and ergonomic furniture, such as an office desk and chair set. With ample power sockets and enhanced Wi-Fi signal, connection in a work booth is never lost, which is so important especially during video conferences. All the features of a work booth may be customized depending on the needs. Booths are equipped with a comfortable office chair, matching tabletop and a knob to adjust the intensity of fan speed and lighting.

Where to find work booths?

Modern and fancy work booths start to pop up in the public space and gain in popularity every year. They can be found in open offices, co-working spaces, but also in airports, railway and bus stations, and recently even in coffeehouses. The booths provide a private and acoustic environment for focused work and private calls and meetings, and can be booked via an online app. They are comfortably furnished - there's enough space for an ergonomic stool, a table, a special lighting system, electricity and USB outlets, strong Wi-Fi signal and a proper ventilation system. It is cost-effective, too – renting a work booth is even cheaper alternative to renting a desk in a co-working office.

Work booth - material and shape

The design of a work booth matches the design of the interior and is made of state-of-the art materials. A typical work booth consists of a metal frame with thick, yet lightweight panels, aluminum connections, a thick rear wall and a front glass panel made of specially designed and hardened glass. The upholstery is made of polyurethane foam and a fabric cover made of 100% polyester and matches the modern design and shape of this unique hush office. Inside the box, there is an integrated shelf and a table. Booths for individual work are tested with cutting-edge technologies in a professional environment, in order to bring the best possible solutions to the market.