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Saturday, 24 December 2022 15:41

Top 7 Education Technology Tools for Schools in 2023

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students. Embedded technologies bring better opportunities and results for kids who want to acquire more skills and knowledge with modern education.

If you are still far from ed techs at your school but want your students to use more than paper writing service to help them progress in the nearest future, explore the latest tools that can make education more exciting and optimized.

1.   Everfi

Everfi was planned as a platform to boost financial literacy. But now it is an excellent software for teachers to use in the classroom and students to practice at home. Apart from classes on finances, you can teach and learn about career choices, diversity, inclusion, social and emotional development, and more. The topics you will find on the platform are crucial for the personal development of the students but are rarely covered at school.

The classes are designed on gamification principles so that theory can be practiced with fun. Students have the possibility to test their newly acquired knowledge in real-life-like simulated situations.

2.   Wakelet

Wakelet is among the top tech tools for teachers to store and share data. In fact, this is a bookmarking platform. Teachers can bookmark any websites, videos, or other materials for students to exploit as guidance for their tasks.

Several teachers often cooperate to create ready classes and materials for self-study. Students can also use the platform to prove their performance by uploading data and pinning their research results.

3.   Equity Maps

Equity Maps stands out as one of the new technology tools for the classroom to encourage and track the participation of the students. The interactive digital maps allow teachers to organize students into groups and facilitate their performance. Everyone who has access to the map can track the participation of every student, check the audio recording of any discussions, replay the activity map, and so on. Teachers can also have group organization prepared in advance to implement them during their lessons.

4.   Kahoot!

Kahoot! is another cool classroom technology widely used for classes for students of different ages. Based on the principles of gamification it enhances learning and reviewing processes. Teachers can easily create a game or trivia test using prompts and storage of data. They can also use an already existing game or test created by any other website user after searching by the necessary keywords.

The teacher may assign the task to students distantly or play a game in real-time anywhere by sharing access via PIN. For more exciting interaction several devices are needed to play and learn with Kahoot!

5.   Nearpod

Nearpod is a perfect option amid top tech tools for teachers who teach online. It is a platform where you can either create or upload your presentation or separate slides and entice your students to interact. You can add polls, tests, games, and other activities to encourage your students to participate actively in your lessons. Everything will take place during online lessons within one platform making teaching and learning convenient and well-organized.

6.   Whiteboard.chat

Whiteboard.chat is a cool classroom technology that enhances interaction and guarantees smooth classroom operation. You can work on one whiteboard only sharing it with your students, adding any kind of media, opening any sources without leaving the platform, and so many more. Or your students can work individually or in groups on separate boards, present, and store their work to use later. QA sessions and polls are also available to monitor the student's progress and satisfaction level. The tool is perfect for teachers who want every lesson to be unique and rich in interaction.

7.   Mote

When you add voice comments and guidance to your Google forms or slides, they can bring a sense of closer interaction with your students. You can enhance your presentation and polls with audio texts, comments, directions, feedback, and more. You can even translate your voice comments into different languages. As a result, your material will be more interesting, and accessible, and personal interaction is guaranteed even without direct teacher participation.


Education can be more interesting and up-to-date if you use the full potential of modern technologies. Explore ed techs you can use to enhance your online and offline lessons and increase the participation level of your students. Eventually, the quality of education will rise and the satisfaction of both sides will boost, too.