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Friday, 19 March 2021 11:23

Tips To Make Your Living Room Cozy

bespoke cabins bespoke cabins

One common misbelief about log cabins is that they are less spacious and do not have that cozy rooms.


Well, the only limitation to the wooden bespoke cabins is the investment and the land you have. As for coziness, it has nothing to do with the size of your rooms.

Any size room, even a really small one will become cozy and comfortable if you design it right. It's more about aesthetics than area.

Some experts’ tricks like the few here can help you get the most out of your living room. They make any sized room look spacy and luxurious with ease.

Fill The Voids Smartly

Most living room design setup includes arranging your seats and tables in the middle. It leaves a lot of space at the corners. This space looks empty, weird, and doesn't serve any good to the look of your living room.

So, add some tall plants to these spaces. The plants have a very smooth aesthetic effect that adds look, light, and character to any place.

Maestrocabins.co.uk says you can also consider adding plants between the chairs and sides of your fireplace.

Multiple-Paint Tones

It's not that uncommon for people to use the same paint for all the living room walls. Some even match the ceiling and floor with walls. It's a great trick to make the place look seamless, but it's not good on the coziness sides.

Instead, try to create a pop-effect for your wooden house here. Try using the same tone for all three walls and use contrasting colors for the fourth walls. It adds appeal to the place.

Similarly, painting several inches from the ceiling is also an option. It will make the place look slightly smaller, but will add coziness to it. The same goes true for log cabins as well.


When you talk of a cozy living room, a fireplace is one undeniable addition. The fireplace creates a central spot for the room adding to its classiness.

If you match it with the overall interior, the place will also add to the overall appeal of the place. And if there are some chairs near it, that will look simply awesome. Creating a small bookshelf is another good option. You can even have a fireplace in log cabins.

The best part, you don't have any design limits here. The fireplace comes in tones of design and types for any living room.


The ambiance of the living room has a direct impact on the comfort level. If the place is well-lit, it will instantly look better than a dim room. The light also has a mood-enhancing effect and makes you feel active. Plus, the potted plant you used to fill the voids needs light to grow.

Thus, adding windows and sunroofs to the living room area is a must. You can also consider adding mirrors for an enhanced effect. Using light colors is also a great help in this part.


The fabrics, may it be the sofa cover, table cloth, or another, affect the comfort levels. It impacts the coziness and the warm feeling that you expect from the living room.

Thus, any log cabins living room must include some good carpets. It's also a great idea to use heavy drapes and aesthetic-looking covers. Material like silk and velvet are a great option for any well-lit room.

They look good and their texture can easily transform the place. You can also consider other materials like cotton and nylon depending on the living room size and setup.

Final Words

The theory of design doesn't just apply to the bespoke cabin living room, but to every room and home. If the place is well-lit, highly-appealing, and has a comfortable build, it will look cozier. Try the above tricks and you will see.