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Friday, 06 March 2015 17:02

The prestigious MM program

Participation in large projects. The opportunity for personal development and gaining new skills. These are things that every graduate dreams of, and that are not available to everyone. Having graduated, you know perfectly well that the corporate world is only for the best. And you have a chance to belong to it!

Before you are two paths of development. The first: having excellent grades and a prestigious university diploma in your pocket, you apply for a random internship to gain work experience. After some time, you become employed in an insignificant business and your chances of developing end after being promoted from intern to employee. Your skills go to waste and you are still wondering why you chose that path.

That's why you pick path number two: You choose to participate in the unique Master of Management program, dedicated to only the best students.

During nine months you acquire a range of skills necessary to take up a managerial position. Upon completion of the program you choose a big corporation and there you climb up the career ladder. After a few years you look out the window of your office with pride and you are glad that you made this decision.

So what will you choose – the easiest path or nine months of intensive training in negotiations, HR and marketing? The decision is yours. Make it today.