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Wednesday, 18 April 2018 07:12

The most ecommerce website

Here you are: struggling to squeeze the most from your ecommerce website. But it never looks as fancy and as modern as you would like it to. Need an inspiration? Here we made a review of the best optimized ecommerce websites across the USA

1.Amazon - the king of ecommerce development

No. of monthly visits: 2.5 bln
What do we like about Amazon.com?Amazon’s website is the unquestionable king of ecommerce development. Not only on 2018 did they surpass Apple and Google as a the most valuable business on earth, but also they are a pioneer in developing their website. They never made a major redesign. Amazon pretty much looks the same all the time, but better. It’s the magic of constant ecommerce development.


2. Macy’s - perfect apparel online shop
No. of monthly visits: 64 mln
What do we like about Macys.com?It’s an example of clean and simple apparel ecommerce website. With thousands of items in stock Macy’s manages to stay easy to navigate and the items are easy to find. Their UX and UI is intuitive and well optimized for mobile. 

3. Sephora.com  - the magic is in the details
No. of monthly visitors: 30 mln
What do we like about Sephora.com?This cosmetic giant managed to provide a personalized experience. They start by saying “Hi, Beautiful” to each customer that enters the page. Simple and brilliant. Moreover, we appreciate them for a great recommendations engine as well as for introducing the KIK chatbot to their website.

4. The Body Shop - unique selling points visible at once
No. of monthly visitors: 5 mln
What do we like about TheBodyShop.com?
The Body Shop is the master of underlining its unique selling points. When you enter their website you can instantly see what is different about them: the first pop-up that appears on your screen is that they are against animal testing. It’s not the hottest offer, nor the best selling product. This marketing strategy is definitely worth discussing.

5. Steinersports.com - how to communicate with your clients
No. of monthly visitors: 100k
It’s  an unlikely candidate because of it’s humble size compared to other online shops in this post, but we see a bright future ahead of them. First off, they have a Livechat to facilitate the customers the communication. Moreover in the left upper corner you would see the Cusotmer Reviews icon, as well as Norton securitiy icon which provide the secure feel. Well, Steinersports.com - you are doing a great job!

eCommerce development - Growcode
But the final point is: what can you do to have the website development like the market giants? When you don’t have the funds, nor the workforce to optimize your ecommerce website like them?
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