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Thursday, 24 August 2023 10:50

The Major Tasks for Preparing to Reopen Your Store

The Major Tasks for Preparing to Reopen Your Store pixabay

As the owner of either one retail store or, even more impressively, a chain of stores, you’ll automatically always be on the lookout for any health and safety risks throughout the building, both for your staff and your customers. This is on top of constantly ensuring legality throughout.


When preparing to reopen your store, perhaps after an unexpected closure or even a planned renovation, there are extra considerations to bear in mind, and here are the most essential.

Upgrade Your Tills & Inventory Systems

Now, if you’ve been diligent in terms of keeping your eye on developments and trends in the world of retail, then you’ll already be aware of the latest till systems and inventory management software options available.

Efficiency and productivity are both key when preparing for a new season and for a new opening of an old store, and your customers and team members alike need to visually witness an improvement in both.

Look into specific programs and computing accessories to make both your and your staff’s working lives easier and to indirectly but effectively boost your profits.

Keep Your Employees “In the Loop”

Especially if you have a large number of permanent and temporary employees who work hard to make your business a success, they’ll not only be invested in the reopening schedule from a professional point of view but also for their own personal security too.

Make sure, both during the closure period as well as once your store has successfully reopened, that you create online avenues, not just through emails, to communicate with and update your staff members. Additionally, and for extra “boss points”, you could even find the time to ask their opinions on aesthetics, such as any new layout proposals.

Check the Pipes & Central Heating

It may well be the case that the type of products you sell or the nature of the services you provide mean that customers browsing in your store isn’t a regular occurrence, or on the other hand, you may well rely on footfall to keep your business going.

Either way, not only should you have a qualified and experienced commercial plumbing firm on hand should there be any kind of emergency, but you, your staff members, and visitors should all be able to have safe access to water and toilet facilities where appropriate.

Learn From Your Past Mistakes

Finally, with a view to maximizing efficiency, you should also reflect on your business journey thus far and more specifically, think about mistakes you’ve made that have negatively impacted your retail store.

One such change could be to enhance the quality and intensity of the training you provide for your employees. A recent study conducted by the main university in Chicago found that an exceedingly low thirty-five percent of retail employees are trained more than once a year.

Other changes to make for a profitable and positive future for your retail store once it has reopened include looking to digitalize your in-store processes and considering a new and more dynamic layout on the shop floor.