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Thursday, 03 June 2021 07:00

Protein Nutrition - Everything You Need to Know

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To understand how protein works, it's important to provide some basic information about what protein is, what structures it builds and what it's made of.


Protein - the main component of every protein supplement - is made up of amino acids, which are linked to each other by bonds called peptide bonds. It is through these bonds that a string of amino acids can be formed, building a complete, uniform protein. The basic elements of amino acids are elements such as oxygen, hydrogen and carbon, which form thick carboxyl groups, and nitrogen, which is part of amino groups. It is thanks to these two groups that amino acids will be able to combine with each other.

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Proteins mainly play a building role in the human body. However, in extreme cases they can also provide energy. During physical activity, muscles are damaged, micro-traumatised and need regeneration. Protein provides them with a perfect source for such a process. And now.

Why use protein supplements?

At the time of intensive exercise in the diet, for example at the gym, when the body does not provide an adequate supply of protein, it will not regenerate well, which can negatively affect the body of an athlete. Protein supplements are designed to deliver wholesome protein in an easy, fast and tasty way, making muscle regeneration possible. This will translate into better results in sports, as well as greater protection against injury.


There are a number of different protein supplements on the market today at different prices and flavours. Contrary to appearances, each looks the same at first glance, but however, they differ in their specifications such as aminobiogram. Among the most popular are:

  • Whey protein concentrate WP
  • Whey protein isolate WP
  • Whey protein hydrolysate WPH
  • micellar casein

Depending on a person's needs, different types of protein can be chosen. Nowadays, where many people complain of gastric problems related to lactose intolerance, many people reach for isolate.