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Monday, 05 March 2018 12:28

Play games and win prizes

Many of us dream about it so that we can combine our passion with making money. Our parents and acquaintances, however, usually suggest that in today's world it is rather impossible. It turns out, however, that anyone who likes video games can enrich on this hobby - get to know a place that will enable you to do it - Bananatic!


What Bananatic offers to players

The Bananatic portal is a place on the internet, which is a real paradise for game lovers. There are dozens of free titles from various categories available here - you'll find here popular MMOs, strategy games, stimulators and platform games. You will be able to play games that have been loved by hundreds of thousands of players around the world, but also to discover new productions that are still waiting to be discovered by a wider group of users. Bananatic is also the game rankings and their descriptions - if you do not know which game you would like to play at the moment, you will find a hint here that will help you make the decision! You can also read reviews written by other players here - they are therefore sincere.

What will you gain beyond entertainment

Okay, but why did we talk about making money on our passages before? The reason is very simple: because thanks to playing Bananatic games, you can get valuable prizes! It works in a simple way: you play games, carry out more tasks, develop your character and earn more levels, and we pay you a virtual currency, called "banatics". When you collect the right number of bananatics, you can go to our store and exchange "money" for the selected prize. You can choose top-ups for your favorite games, skins to the extremely popular FPS - CS: GO, as well as the highest-quality equipment for players that will serve you for many years and... remind you that you earned them in the way you love! You do not have to be afraid of our dishonesty - so far, players have been awarded by us with prizes with a total value of PLN 521 097! Before you start playing, you can check how much banatics is required to get a specific item - it gives you motivation to improve your results and makes you know what we're fighting for.

It's dangerous to go alone...

Bananatic is not only a portal where you can play the best games, but also a place where players can exchange experiences. You will find here forums devoted to various titles, where players can tell each other how to cope with challenges and look for partners for games. You can also write reviews of the games you are testing - you will definitely help other players in this way, and we will reward your efforts and "pay" with more bananatics. You should also follow our YouTube channel, where you will find videos in the style of let's play, as well as our Facebook page. Our fans can take part in numerous competitions in which you will win many great prizes. At Bananatic, you will meet friends who share your passion and support you in the effort you put into playing!

Bananatic is an exceptional portal in every respect. Each player should get to know this page and ... register as soon as possible!

See more online games at  https://www.bananatic.com/