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Tuesday, 16 November 2021 11:28

Citrulline - fast muscle pump effect during each workout

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By definition, citrulline is an amino acid that occurs naturally in everyone's body. It is converted to arginine in the urea cycle, which works together with it to produce very interesting effects.

The main essence of the urea cycle is detoxification of the body, i.e. removal of unnecessary, possibly toxic substances. However, citrulline can also be successfully supplemented by athletes in order to achieve a slightly different effect.

Citrulline functions for athletes

Citrulline is supplemented by athletes to improve their performance in training. It increases the fatigue resistance of the body, which can perform long and hard workouts with high intensity. Everything is related to the popular muscle pump effect.

Citrulline is a nitric oxide (NO) booster, which affects blood vessels by dilating them. As a result, more blood reaches the muscles carrying oxygen and nutrients. Oxygen is involved in muscle work, so more of it improves performance. In addition, intensely working muscles are subject to micro-damage. This is somewhat desirable during training - later they can grow bigger and stronger. For this to happen, they need to be supplied with the necessary nutrients carried in the blood. More of these nutrients = better regeneration.

Citrulline is very well tolerated by the body and it's hard to cause any poisoning. Unless you consume it by the spoonful...

Optimal citrulline dosage

Recommended dosage of citrulline is 4-6g taken before each training unit. It will definitely boost your body's performance and prepare it for a hard workout. It's important to note that citrulline is a well researched supplement, and many scientific publications have been written about it. They all agreed - it does not cause any serious side effects, so its use is safe. See https://www.crossthelimits.co.uk/.

An interesting fact is that it can also help with erectile dysfunction - due to the increase in blood flow of the penis.