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Saturday, 10 January 2015 00:00

Rony Tennenbaum’s same sex Jewelry

The 2014 holiday shopping season is nearly in full swing and promises to deliver plenty of sparkle and style!T’is the season for top gift-giving jewelry trends. Whether you’re looking to make a social statement or a personal commitment, look no further than Rony Tennenbaum, whose powerhouse designs have been celebrated for more than 25 years.


Tennenbaum’s Jewelry line has been catering to same-sex couples (or couples looking for less mainstream creations) that seek out his unique pieces, which are designed to be gender neutral—Tennenbaum thinks of them in terms of big and small, rather than his or hers.

The New York based designer has created collections of engagement and wedding rings that reflect some of the latest fashion trends, yet still incorporates everything that is timeless and classic about bridal jewelry – without the stereotypical rainbows and triangles.

By using EcoGold in most of his creations, he guarantees that no toxins or waste materials are dumped into the environment.

In addition, his strong beliefs in bringing well-needed jobs back to the US encouraged Rony to make sure most of his jewelry is locally made.

If you were planning on putting together a Gift Guide for the upcoming Holiday Season, we’re inviting you to spotlight Rony Tennenbaum.

Below are a few fashion forward Jewelry gift ideas for your consideration.

Alternative Bridal: Out with the Traditional, in with the Individual.
Be Different & Showcase Your Personality:

As marriage laws changing fast more and more LGBT couples will be hearing wedding bells this Holiday season.

So what are the trends in LGBT wedding rings? First stop, cliches are certainly passé – rainbows and triangles are a major fashion faux pas.
The basic rule is there are no rules! Bands don’t have to match.

Tennenbaum works with the three major types of gold colors: yellow, white, and rose gold.

One of the biggest recent trends has been a movement towards “rose gold” and “organic” looks, not only in fashion wear, but in jewelry as well. Though the most classic, traditional polished rings are still beautiful, the new wave of jewelry is a richer “toned down,” matte finishing that gives rings a more organic feel.