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Wednesday, 14 January 2015 00:00

The best tea Lalani & Co

Lalani & Co is a family run company, founded out of a love for exquisite tea. Across the world, tea is made in batches. Each batch varies due to the season, soil, elevation and producer. Every batch has its own flavour notes and quality, even within a garden or season, from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Most teas in the world end up sold to the markets and blended.


Lalani & Co specialises in finding extraordinary small-batch teas. We choose from the most talented gardens, from particular elevations. We know the seasonality of tea and which are the premium seasons to buy in. We even go into the detail of the varietals of tea plant used and the making process for the batch. These teas express the best flavour of their region and we ensure we find the best, made as a luxury craft, with the same artisan skill as with a family vineyard or a small whisky distillery.

These limited editions are brought into our collection. Some are fresh, some we age in the UK to become vintage batches. Each one is chosen with meticulous care and skill. We believe in showing full provenance so you know the story of each batch and how the flavour comes about.

A carefully limited list of restaurants, hotels and retailers hold teas from the Lalani & Co collection.