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In today's world we are often compelled to be pragmatic. We believe that it makes no sense to chase our dreams, focusing only on achieving quick results - especially financial results. We do not think about whether working for a corporation or studying law will really give us a sense of fulfillment. All that matters is ensuring ourselves a steady flow of cash and climbing the career ladder.

Published in Food and Liquors
Thursday, 02 February 2017 16:46

An extraordinary blend with an incredible taste

The newest member of the Chivas family – The Chivas Brothers’ Blend – is a new blend inspired by revivalism; celebrating the past but making it relevant for today. Paying tribute to the Chivas style and the art of blending pioneered by James and John Chivas over 150 years ago, The Chivas Brothers’ Blend brings a special appeal to the 21st century connoisseur.

Published in Food and Liquors