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Monday, 25 May 2015 10:29

IKEA’s kitchen of the future

Can you imagine how the world will look like in ten years? What’s going to change? Many of us think that we will be accompanied by robots with artificial intelligence. Others, letting their imagination run wild, are counting on a completely different world, in which it will be much easier to live. And how will our kitchens change?

For centuries, kitchens and the approach to cooking has been changing. In the past, people had to use very simple kitchen tools, which were not easy to use. Today we have the luxury of using various devices. Mixers, food processors, blenders and many other items help us in our daily work in the kitchen. We can’t really imagine life without technology anymore. But can it be even easier?

Fifty students took up IKEA’s challenge and developed a unique design of the kitchen of 2025. The participants created a unique kitchen, full of unique solutions and ideas aimed at making life easier. More ergonomic countertops, unique cabinets and most of all – a workspace equipped with all possible conveniences. It’s impossible to describe - you have to see it for yourself!

Do you want to learn more about the unique #IKEATemporary campaign? Click on the video and find out where and when you can see this special kitchen!