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Saturday, 16 July 2016 17:12

Deceptively Expensive Burgers

despite being named the 'Million Dollar Burger,' this novel burger dinner from the Adena Grill & Wine Bar is one that won't drain all your savings.The name of this seemingly extravagant dinner is in reference to the amount of money that was invested in Adena Meats, which supplies the steak house with its premium cuts of meat.


When ordered, the burger arrives to diners partly disassembled, so that all of its unique parts can be appreciated. This includes a variety of ingredients like a whopping nine-ounce beef patty served with an organic locally-grown tomato, an onion coated in fried tempura batter and truffle mustard, topped with a brioche bun that's branded with an "A" for Adena. Although the burger doesn't cost a million, it sells for $25, which is still quite the luxury.
Source http://www.trendhunter.com/