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Monday, 23 November 2015 13:51

Can you make brownies using beer?

Beer lovers can be divided into those who prefer types with distinctive bitterness or a dominant note of sweetness. The latter can be classified as connoisseurs of all that is sweet. Therefore, the question arises: Why not combine the deep flavour of beer with sweet snacks?

Brownies based on traditional beer

Owners of the Unibroue brand, who created the unique beer La Resolution, decided to realise this innovative idea. A dark colour, frothy foam, deep flavour and unique sweetness became an excellent base for brownies. This is how a new culture of drinking flavoured beer while tasting sweet snacks was created. The connection may seem shocking, but anyone who has tried the traditional Unibroue beer at least once can imagine how much pleasure it gives. If you haven’t had the chance to savour the taste and deep sweetness of traditional beers, be sure to watch this short video. For a while you will be in Las Vegas, where eternally happy people taste chocolate and caramel beer, while munching on homemade brownies.