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Wednesday, 14 January 2015 00:00

Bespoke Cupcakes in Primrose Bakery

We founded Primrose Bakery in October 2004 having started out baking for children's parties, but quickly noticed how well the cupcakes went down with adults! We also couldn't understand why things you could find in America, France and Australia were much harder to find in England.


Now ten years on we have two shops - one in Primrose Hill and one in Covent Garden, plus four cookbooks and an App. At times we can't believe that something we started at home has grown so much. It gives us a huge sense of satisfaction to see people queuing out into the street on a Saturday afternoon, waiting to buy our cakes - there is no better feeling than this, to see that people really do want to buy and eat what we have made.

We have tried to keep it to simple old fashioned cooking, using good quality, seasonal and well sourced ingredients, as one might use at home when baking for your own children, friends and family.

We hope you enjoy our cakes!


Regular Cupcakes
Mini Cupcakes
Cocktail Cupcakes
Layer Cakes

ur cupcake classes are a great gift or treat for any baking enthusiast. Whether you are in a group or going solo, our decorating master classes are a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Our talented Head Chefs pass on their experience of working in one of London's most popular bakeries, and show you how to ice cupcakes with the Primrose signature swirl. You will be shown how to ice using a palette knife, create masterpieces with piping and best of all, you get to take home all you make in the class! Please see class dates and times for more details.