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Sunday, 10 October 2021 09:59

What can you do with embroidered patches?

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Embroidered patches are an element that can decorate the fabric on which they will be sewn. The multitude of different patterns allows to choose a patch according to the style you prefer. Where can such patches be added?


Embroidered patches – the best way to be original

Why are embroidered patches so popular today? Because we can put them on almost any fabric. Patches are most often associated with denim jackets, on which they proudly decorate the back or shoulders. Until recently, patches indicated belonging to a specific subculture, but today they are simply an interesting element of everyday styling.

When it comes to embroidered patches, they are distinguished by their aesthetic and effective appearance, which is why they are also perfect for various types of headgear, such as hats or scarves. When it comes to standing out from the crowd, a great way to do that is to use a patch on the back pocket of your pants – preferably jeans. Pants styled in this way have been a big hit recently, because the fashion of the 80s and 90s is making a comeback.

What should you consider when choosing patches?

Of course, the subject is usually the most important criterion for choosing a patch. It is the symbols on the badge that are the most characteristic, which is why we sew on the logos of bands, companies or characters from movies and series that we like. Patches are usually available in a haberdasher, however, sometimes you won’t find exactly the pattern you are looking for in such stores.

What's more, usually the cheapest patches are also characterized by low and poor quality – they fray and may fall off if they are ironable. Cheap does not always mean good, so if you want your clothing to be distinguished by its unusual appearance and to be resistant to wear and tear, it is always worth choosing patches from a reliable supplier.

Patches do not always have to be overly expensive, because in this case the most important thing is not the price, but the quality. Contrary to appearances, you can get cheap embroiderd patches with no minimum, which are characterized by high quality, thanks to which they will be durable. Patches are an iconic way to customize your clothes, which is why so many people today decide to make such modifications.