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Friday, 01 May 2015 16:39

Innovative Givenchy Mascara

Phenomen’Eyes Mascara has taken the mascara market by storm. From its one-of-a-kind spherical brush to its unsurpassed ability to grab even the finest lashes, it’s fast become a staple in every makeup maven’s eye case. Today, Phenomen’Eyes has accomplished a makeover that promises lash perfection.

In addition to it’s iconic and easy to handle wand, the new Phenomen’Eyes, glide on texture leaves behind rich, defining, feather light lushness and curl, every time. To create the coveted Givenchy Eye Look, enhance gorgeous lashes with one of the eight new harmonies of reinvented Prisme Quatuor. From nude to intense, casual to sophisticated, matte and shimmer, choose from eight incredible combinations, each with complete with custom designed looks to suit every mood and occasion. Play, experiment, design and create your ideal Givenchy Eye Look with Givenchy’s most indispensible duo.

PHENOMEN'EYES combines its iconic ball-shaped brush with an enhanced formula.
With a sweep of the brush, PHENOMEN'EYES gives lash by lash definition and limitless curl thanks to a triple action polymer. The supple texture dries rapidly and does not smear for all-day wear.

A single stroke...four sumptuous reasons to fall for Noir Couture Volume mascara. Immediate, intense and defined volume thanks to the curved Noir Couture Volume brush and formula that work synergistically to create the perfect lash silhouette. Long-term, Noir Couture Volume is good for your lashes thanks to Givenchy's exclusive, Lash Booster Expert Complex and Cotton Nectar, that fortifies, nourishes and protects the lashes wit