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Thursday, 14 May 2015 16:06

GIvenchy Crosiere 2015

The Croisière 2015 Must-Have Brume Bonne Mine is an innovative alternative to powder and gel, the encounter with a new fresh and delicate texture. The fine mist escaping from the black&bronze bottle provides the skin with a precious golden veil for a surprisingly unifying and very natural sun-kissed skin effect, in 1 second. With one single shade, the very fine veil adapts to every skin tone.

This transparent gel contains a high water content that sinks into the skin to release soft beads of glowing color and antioxidant vitamins for a natural, shimmering sunlit effect. The featherweight texture leaves the skin supple, satiny and enveloped with the scent of frangipani blossom.

Extend the glow of summer throughout the year with this light, creamy textured powder that provides an ultra-natural finish with a second-skin effect. Perfect for every skin tone, Croisière Healthy Glow Powder naturally illuminates and enlivens the complexion.

Get ready for a whole new way to gloss.
Completely wax-free, Croisière 2015 Gelée d’Interdit provides your lips with a delicate juicy and sorbet-like texture which literally melts onto the lips for an instant, cushiony feeling of softness with a long-term plumping effect. Discover the light and eye-catching delicate shades of pink with the new Croisière 2015 Gelée d’Interdit.

Dress your nails with this decidedly Couture polish in intense, ultra-glossy shades, that compliment any style, day or evening. The custom-designed, precision brush is wide and flat to cover the entire surface of the nail in one single stoke. Give your nails a trendy summer look with a very luminous pink or a fresh and very elegant aquatic Turquoise from Croisière 2015.